Product Description

Otto Alliance is a dealer of natural rubber that connects your business to rubber suppliers half way around the world in a seamless and continuous process. We supply all kinds of natural rubber to all parts of the world. Otto Alliance trades (supply) all available types and custom grades of Thai natural rubber, Malaysian natural rubber, Vietnamese natural rubber, and RSS (Ribbed Smoked Sheets) Standard Thai Natural Rubber The ability to measure and control the various physical aspects and characteristics of the baled Standard Rubber has bring about a major change in the rubber industry. There is a drastically increasing demand for these rubber bales as they provide ease in quality control at both reception and processing of the end-user for raw materials. Standard Thai Rubber (STR) comprises of 4 main groups-- STR10, STR20, and STR CV- depending on the specific control variables.

Thai Rubber Grades: STR 10, STR 20, STR 10 CV 60, STR 20 CV 60 STR

Packaging Type: Bales at 33.33 Kg and 35 Kg in choices of loosebale/wooden base shrink wrap/metal boxes.


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