Who We Are

Who we are…

We are an experienced dynamic and young team of professionals providing utmost level of customer satisfaction to our loyal partners around the globe. We have been operating since 2006 and we have accomplished to establish regional operations in order for us to keep our partners competitive in different parts of the World. With the experience team in each industry we certainly achieved our commitment through ever improvement of production and services with newest technology this therefore put us in the frontline quality suppliers in the leather and food ingredients industries. We are a leading supplier of Gelatin raw materials for both Cattle and Fish Gelatin such as Dry Bovine Hide, Crashed bones, Degreased Bone Chips, Fish scales and Fish Skin in both dry and frozen form. We have recently developed collagen peptide as our latest product line due to extensive demand from our global partners and we will keep adding new products in the coming years. OTTO is represented in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and looking to extend its operation to the other parts of the world. Thanks to our young and ambitious team we keep improving our existing products and developing new products therefore we make sure our customers stay competitive in this dynamic business environment.


OTTO Is represented in South East Asia, Europe, Balkans we are rapidly expanding our global operations to cope up with demand from our customers around th world. We strongly believe the importance of local presence to be able to provide standard quality products and service to our partners and therefore OTTO is expanding its operations significantly.